Tapping for panic

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Ok so you may be feeling a bit exhausted, anxious and confused after that episode of panic. Here are some tips about what to do after the feelings of panic subside.


After a panic attack it is very easy to want to replay what happened in your mind and try to figure out what happened and what it all means. You may also be asking yourself ‘what if?’ questions. Like what if it comes back, what if there is something wrong with me, what if it gets worse..etc etc. This is quite normal. Be assured that this is part of an anxious state, you are not unique or different to others going through high anxiety or panic.
What’s important to know is that if we keep feeding those thoughts we just create more anxiety and it takes longer to calm down. You end up agitating body and mind. So please don’t feed the thoughts! Let yourself know THIS MEANS NOTHING, just what happens when the body is in a fight or flight state. Tap and notice your fingers touching your skin. Really focus on that sensation, exactly what that feels like.

Notice any scary thoughts and do not feed into them or add any more. Just notice a thought come and notice the space in between.
Notice your out breath. Breathing slowly all the way out. Notice how your toes feel. Notice areas of the body that feel relaxed or quiet. rest your attention there for a moment. Notice what is supporting your body, notice your feet and what they are touching and how that feels.

Get a piece of paper and write with your left hand all the things you can see around you and all the sounds you hear and all that you can feel.

Listen to a mindfulness, meditative or relaxation cd and give yourself full permission to really listen to it, to give your full attention.
Here is a link to a mindfulness MP3 cd, I find this one particularly helpful, esp on Volume 1 ‘Leaves on a stream’.

You may not feel like it, but touch can be another quick way to calm your mind and body down. If you have a partner or good friend see if they would be up for perhaps giving you a gentle massage on your back, or just to hold you. If there is no one you can do this for yourself. Try downward firm but soothing strokes on your arms (see Havening), and soothing strokes along your forehead and on your palms. Do this for a couple of minutes and notice if there are any changes afterwards. You could also add in counting backwards in 3’s, humming a song slowly, imagining you are somewhere that feels really soothing and nice as you implement the touch.

“Friend, I know your heart is broken, I know the future seems unclear to you, I know you feel the absence of answers right now, I know you feel a terrible longing for something you cannot name. But let’s begin where we are. Let’s not focus on the thousands of steps that will come on the path, but the place where we stand on the path right now. And there is only now.
Know that many others have gone through what you are going through, and remember that sometime it seems darkest before the dawn. But instead of longing for the dawn, and rejecting the darkness, let us touch the dark parts with gentleness and light. Let us meet what is here, not rush towards what is not here. For even the darkest cave may contain treasure, and even the most intense and uncomfortable feelings may actually contain strange medicine. Walk your path courageously, friend and know that loved ones walk with you.” Jeff Foster

Tapping for panic



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