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 How to Aim and Tap

How to Aim and Tap

With Faster EFT
Faster EFT tapping points

The most powerful part of Faster EFT is aiming. What is aiming? Ok, so you have a problem. Ask yourself this important question; How do you know? Are you seeing a memory?, feeling a feeling?, hearing words? etc.

How ever you represent this problem, just notice how you know. If it is a feeling, really notice it, where do you feel it in your body? How high is it?; O being nothing to 10 being really high. If it is a pain, notice what kind of pain, sharp, dull, achey? Notice where it is located and how painful it is rating it again from 0 to 10.

Use Faster EFT too Greet it, identify it, and notice how you know it’s there.

When you tap with Faster EFT; don’t hold on to the feeling/image/sound etc. Focus on, and feel where your fingers are tapping. The reason is to pull you out of trance.

And you can say: ‘let it go, let it go’,’ it is safe to feel this’, ‘safe to let it go’, ‘I am safe as I let it go’ etc. Don’t worry too much about the words, just tap with the intention to let it go.

Take a deep breath, blow it out and say Peace. When you say peace, make sure you really do go to a peaceful place. At first this may be difficult. There are suggestions on how to help with this below under ‘Peace’.

Aim at the problem again; go within, ask yourself what has changed? Notice if there is anything left that bothers you. If so tap again.

You may have started with a feeling and then after a few rounds of tapping the feeling has become neutral. This does not mean it is all cleared up. For instance you may see negative expressions, you might see a negative action, or hear words/sounds you don’t like. Tap until the expressions, sounds/actions etc have changed to positive.

If you are finding it difficult to break the trance you are in, then get up, move around, listen to some music you love, go and take a walk, watch a comedy. And then go back and re-address what you were working on.

Most importantly, with Faster EFT, don’t stop until it is gone. Avoid quitting three minutes before the miracle occurs. Tap through all resistance. ♥~˚ ✰* ★

Persistence is the most powerful tool you have. You did not just wake up with a problem. This is years of experience. And sometimes the problem is not the problem it is a symptom. So what we want to do is be persistent.’ Robert G Smith.


What do you like in life, what makes you happy? Can you remember a great time in your life, a good memory? When you grab your wrists and say Peace it is important to try and feel that peaceful feeling too. We can use good memories, the feeling of someone loving you, dancing, the smell of a flower, blue sky, warm breeze, anything that makes you feel good. Or you may just want to think of your favourite food or drink. Just anchor that.

If you cannot feel peace in anyway, then just notice and feel your body being supported by the ground beneath you. And imagine how your body would feel if you were at peace and happy and breath into that. Or you can think of someone you admire who seems at peace or is happy and imagine how you would feel if you were them. Just make it up and breath into that.

What to do when tapping and using Faster EFT does not release sensations, emotions, feelings.

Many people get immediate relief using Faster EFT to tap, but there are some people, particuarly those that are strongly kinesthetic, that may suffer from anxiety, panic attacks and have strong sensations in their body where straight forward Faster EFT does not work. This is when you can add other methods such as focusing. The video below explains what to do in a situation like this.

Notice how much easier the emotions/feelings seem when we don’t label them, and when we get really curious to see what is actually there.

I think this brilliant cartoon on the right by
sums it up perfectly:

‘Our feelings are locked into place by our resistance to them and the moment the resistance is dropped they (we) have freedom to change.’ Gay Hendricks.

Are you waiting, waiting until you have

tapped your problems away and then you can start living your life again? If so, watch this video:

Ever wondered how your brain works?

And how to get the best out of it, me too! This guy; David Rock explains how the rational is over rated and how the rational actually stops us from solving problems. Insights come when we stop over thinking. Put the brain into neutral and solutions and creations come through. He explains how we are more able to fix a problem when we are not focusing on the problem! When you quieten down mental activity insights come through. Which means we can stop trying to figure out what the problem is.

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