Lizzie Bryher's Testimonials

Using Tapping and Havening to create change

I have not had one single day of depression since the session

“One day in March 2014, 43 years after being born into a ‘dysfunctionally functional‘ family and having tried and failed to find release from 43 years of emotional pain, I somehow realised that I needed to find a way to ‘neutralise’ the memories of my bad experiences. I had never heard of this concept before, and I didn’t know if it were even possible but I knew that the solution to my suffering was to remove the sting of my memories. I decided to google some key words and, as incessant researchers like myself tend to find, one search led to another and I came across Robert Smith’s FasterEFT. I was intrigued because it made sooo much sense and at the same time appeared bizarre to me. I questioned how a simple technique as ‘tapping’ could resolve my deeply complex issues. Yet, the YouTube videos on FasterEFT were compelling. I decided to google ‘FasterEFT practitioners in the UK’ and found Lizzie. So, with a mixture of hopefulness and hesitation (I was full of insecurities, self-doubt, lack of confidence, rejection issues and depressive tendencies) I rang Lizzie. I didn’t quite know what to expect. Lizzie sounded welcoming on the phone as she explained to me how she worked. After speaking with Lizzie, I felt I could explore FasterEFT a bit further and so I arranged an appointment. Still hesitant, I emailed Lizzie some details about my troubled life. I made sure to include an early warning that if she felt my issues were too deep and complex to help me then I would totally understand! (LOL). Lizzie read the statements and replied “sounds ok to me”. OK?? She wasn’t fazed?? (my eyebrows raised, then they furrowed with my head tilted to one side! LOL) Well, my session with Lizzie was such a cathartic and healing experience. She was so professional, and reassuring, and calm and funny. I don’t know what possessed me to wear mascara that day because there was none left on my eyes by the end of the session! The session flew by. On my way home, I felt so free and joyful. Lizzie, I thank you so much for what you did for me that day. I have not had a single day of depression since my session with you last month and I now feel confident that my future will be so much better than my past . You are a brilliant, amazing FasterEFT practitioner and I wish you every success. You deserve it! Best wishes”

Sandra. London

Such an enormous weight of bad feeling evaporated that I felt in the weeks afterwards like a changed person.

“I cannot recommend Lizzie enough. Even after our first session, such an enormous weight of bad feeling evaporated that I felt in the weeks afterwards like a changed person. Although I was aware that this dark cloud of bad feeling was being generated and inflicted by myself, I was in a funk and unable to lift myself out of it. With Lizzie’s help, we tapped through this and I immediately felt a lot lighter and calmer. I lost the tearfulness that had been crippling me up until our session and gained clarity and optimism. We also used the Integral Eye Movement technique with good results.

Lizzie has an instinct for understanding damaging thought patterns at the root of anxiety and self-sabotage and tackles these with a kindness that makes you feel safe. She is personable and funny, which makes the sessions enjoyable, and is crucial to her success. I have tried several types of counselling and not found them anywhere near as effective as even just one session with Lizzie. I have opted for another couple of sessions to target specific issues, as I realised the value and rarity of Lizzie’s ability, and have confidence that she can help in whatever area it is needed. For that reason, I have no hesitation in recommending her to you and can vouch that you are in very safe hands.”

Sonya. London

Social Anxiety and Severe Blushing
“I came to Lizzie as a last, desperate attempt to get my social anxiety and severe blushing under control. I felt broken and deeply flawed. I had tried everything and nothing would stop the blushing. I never thought it would actually work, I was merely hoping for some tools to deal with the blushing. After just a few Skype sessions, Lizzie, with her warm, intelligent and compassionate way, walked me through painful memories, traumatic events and showed me how to release them and let them go. She gave me my life back. She healed me and set me free. I rarely blush now, and when I do I feel so relaxed about it. It’s no big deal anymore. I feel like I finally am enough, just the way I am. It is all thanks to Lizzie. I can not recommend her enough. Whatever it is you are struggling with, whatever is holding you back, let Lizzie help you. She is truly amazing.”

F. Sweden

Releasing depression and addiction

“I have been struggling with depression, low self-esteem, dysfunctional behaviour and addiction for twenty years or maybe more. It was such a draining experience, I always felt completely disconnected and unfeeling, alone and unlovable but after two sessions of FasterEFT with Lizzie things have profoundly changed for me. I am happy in my skin, discovering a level of confidence and way of being that I was unaware existed. I have stopped hating myself and found acceptance and am developing a positive relationship with myself and others around me. I wish I had tried this years ago instead of medicating my life away. I am so grateful to have found Lizzie and the approach, she is great, professional and humourous and I highly recommend her”

DP. London

Low self esteem

“I have to admit that I was at first skeptical when hearing about faster EFT. How could a method of tapping remediate health problems? After a time of feeling burned out and struggling with low self-esteem I, nevertheless, decided to give it a try. I was astonished by its immediate effect! From having felt heavy, tired, saddened and surrounding by darkness, I experienced a sense of lightness after the first session. Lizzy’s warmth, attentiveness for my concerns and professional use of faster EFT enabled me to regain my zest for life and feel energized again. My self-worth dramatically improved and I now feel less trapped in circles of disruptive thoughts and feelings. Instead, I can enjoy life feeling more at ease with myself. There is no way in which I can thank Lizzy enough and I highly recommend everyone to give it a try!”

Anna. Sweden

Free myself of chronic fatigue

“I discovered Faster EFT 5 months ago and spent 3 months tapping on myself following you tube clips on also on my own. In that time I had some huge shifts so I knew that it was something that I needed to pursue in order to free myself of chronic fatigue, which I have been suffering from for about 4 years. Lizzie was recommended to me by a contact from the Internet and I didn’t waste any time booking a session with her because at the time I was desperate to get my life back. Although my fatigue had improved a lot since I had started tapping on my own I was still really struggling physically. I had to have a least one extra sleep everyday and had to save weekends to recover from the week. I had severe pains in my wrists and knees and constant dizziness.

A month after I am stunned, excited and so very thankful to Lizzie to say that after only one session with her over skype i no longer feel ill and have a normal life. I have got so much energy and Lizzie taught me how to keep myself well with all the techniques we used together. It’s amazing how your emotional response to life can cause you to become so ill and I think the thing I am most thankful for is that I can now enjoy my life with my children and know that I can cope with whatever life will throw at me in the future. I feel strong in every sense now and I know that if I keep tapping things will only get better. So thanks again Lizzie! You ve given me my life back and so much more.” 

Catherine. U.K.

Filled with self pity and hate and could find no reason to live.

“I’m deeply indebted to Lizzie for the faster eft sessions she had with me. She is an incredibly generous, sensitive and dedicated healer. Even though I had constant doubts about the benefit of faster eft, I had absolute trust in her and for that reason I decided to continue having sessions ,even though I often thought that there was no improvement. My perseverance paid off dramatically. It’s not an exaggeration to say that she has totally transformed my life in the course of a few months.

I was diagnosed with a range of mental health conditions from unstable personality disorder to bi polar and social phobia , and have experienced chronic depression and anxiety for over 30 years. I tried everything from psychotherapy and strong medication , to a whole range of complementary therapies and spiritual healing..Nothing made any real difference.

I don’t really understand what is going on and how Faster EFT works but the results are extraordinary. Two months ago I was often too scared to leave my home; suicidally depressed,single for over 12 years, and struggled to recall even one happy memory.. I was filled with self pity and hate and could find no reason to live. I don’t know what’s happened but now I wake up and feel love and appreciation and hope. I have found a beautiful partner and will be visiting her in Japan next month. I couldn’t even imagine something like this happening to me just a few months ago. Lizzie is an amazing healer and I feel so blessed to have met her

Anonymous. London

Panic attacks have practically disappeared

“I discovered Lizzie on Roberts Smith’s Faster EFT site under recommended therapists. I found her to be helpful, friendly and extremely professional. From the minute I met her I felt comfortable and I really enjoyed the process of working through my issues with her.

I have found that my panic attacks have practically disappeared and situations that once made me very anxious are quite easy and relaxed for me now. In my first session I had a massive breakthrough in understanding the reasons I was responding to a circumstance in a particular way and it was like a revelation to finally understand what it was all about.

Lizzie is wonderful to work with and I would recommend her talent as a FasterEFT practitioner to anybody. She is also a great person who helps you feel relaxed and comfortable.”

Mary Wixted. London

Releasing grief

“I was skeptical, I’m not going to lie. But why I should be skeptical is bizarre, I’ve had massages, sound healing and reflexology before, so I’m not adverse to alternative therapies. However, the challenge that I faced this time was very different, I’d never truly felt grief or really understood what it was before now, you don’t unless it’s right up close and personal. I’d never lost someone so fundamental to my core. I didn’t know HOW I was supposed to be, WHAT I was supposed to FEEL,
At first, I was a bit locked up; which I now can see was ‘me’ just wanting to have something that felt like ‘normality’ back in my life, after 6 months of flying between two countries, weekly. Then came the inevitable full-time delivering of home based palliative care; for the person I loved more than anyone in the world. I was seeing and feeling things that are incredibly cruel and uniquely wonderful, this IS life! So the first couple of session were tough. I wasn’t ready to explore this, front it, see or FEEL the pain again. I still wanted to be NUMB.
But then on the third session something really changed, the therapy was beginning to open my head up and I was beginning to let it out; and what I was feeling was not so much LOSS but the ability to FEEL and LOVE again. To see I could spend time with mum, and that she would always be with me has given me the motivation to begin unlocking three years of ‘numbing out’ and picking myself up again, move forward, and living life again. This won’t be a quick fix but faster Efts have given me a great start.
Lizzie’s help , support and skill have been invaluable to helping me FEEL again, has given me a way to spend time with mum, and helping me move forward. I cannot thank her enough for helping me start this process. But I will keep thanking her none-the-less.”

A. Surrey

Food bingeing abated, self esteem lifted

“I took several sessions with Lizzie at a very low point in my life. At 36, after a year out of work because of a burn out, I was back at my parents, pennyless. I was to start a new job and was very anxious because of my previous stressful experience. On top of that, i had a lot of resentment towards my parents that i had carried with me since my teenage years. I was also bingeing on food a lot.

Lizzie made me comfortable at the very first minute. I felt relieved. I love the way she has been able to pin point the subjects to work on. My mind was quite fuzzy at the time. I just let her lead me to the session. The only thing i had to do was to aim at the best of my capabilities to the subjects she offered me to work on. I also love a lot the way she is able to make me laugh, even in the most intense moments of our sessions.

The sessions have been very powerful. I am now a more joyous person, and people in my new job seem to be attracted to that joy, which comes from the releasing of a lot of resentment and abandonment feelings. Friends and relatives have noticed my new found radiance; It is striking to them.

My food bingeing has also abated, and it has been quite dramatic for a while. I still need to work on some of this though, as this problem has many different roots we haven’ t yet explored. But i know i have a secret weapon now : a session with Lizzie.”

Clemence. France.

Unbalanced feelings, lightheadedness and a horrible feeling of swaying no longer here.

“I had a Skype session with Lizzie after experiencing unbalanced feelings, lightheaded ness and a horrible feeling of swaying whilst walking.  I was even banging into door frames when walking through them.  It was all very strange and very annoying as this went on for 4 months.   It just felt horrible, I also had a strange sensation around my eyes which i can’t really explain.

I’ve been doing EFT for 12 years but came across this faster EFT after doing a search on line.  I really liked Lizzie’s website and decided to contact her.  We set up a date for a 2 hour Skype session within a few days.  In the meantime I filled in a detailed form about myself and all my symptoms and my past trauma history which I feel really helped as before our session Lizzie knew so much about me and all my problems past and present so when the session began there was no wasting time we just went straight to the issues.

Lizzie took me all the way back to my childhood and found the core issues which were giving me problems in my life (some not even relating to my swaying unbalanced feelings) like insomnia and fear of sleeping.  Also why I always take on other peoples stuff especially my families problems and why I feel responsible for them and why I have to help them instead of letting people be responsible for their own lives.

Anyway going back to all of my issues was how we got to the root of the unbalanced swaying feelings as I picked up all of my feelings and thoughts from my mum (who also has identical symptoms as mine, although my poor mum has had these symptoms longer than me and still has them) she is currently going to a balance clinic to manage her symptoms.  But i am so glad i am completely free of it.

During our session I totally felt relaxed with Lizzie.  She is very warm and friendly as well as being very intuitive and professional.  I felt as though I could be totally honest and myself with her.  I totally trusted her and just knew she was on the right tracks all the time.  Lizzie made sure I was clear of any uncomfortable feelings before the session finished and followed up with e-mails checking all was fine.

It took a few days for all the symptoms to completely go and 5 weeks later they are still gone.  I feel totally back to normal and feel really happy and content.  I would not hesitate to contact Lizzie again in the future for any issue in my life i am struggling with.  I would recommend anyone to have a session with Lizzie and help you to feel free and happy”.

Jenny, U.K

I’d been carrying around heavy baggage for over 48 years trying to put it down and walk away but it seemed to always be sent back to me in one form or another and I’d got really good at picking it all up and carrying it all over again.

I wrote a list for Lizzie and I could see the pattern myself but had no tools to deal with it.

I was nervous about seeing Lizzie but as soon as she invited me in I felt that I was in safe hands. I felt that she knew me and relaxed into everything she was saying. EFT had me laughing about something that had been an issue with me for most of my life. I saw the situation from a different angle and through the eyes of my adult self. I still chuckle thinking about it now. This in itself caused a collapse of many fears created by this single episode when I was 2 years old.

 I came away from Lizzie feeling lighter and positive with tools under my belt for the future. 6 weeks later I continue to improve and look forward to testing myself when trigger situations arise. Guess what? Because I’m waiting and wanting they’re just not coming. Thank you Lizzie I kind of hope that I will see you again.

Shahn, U.K

12 + 13 =

I still think about my old relationship from time to time but its just not in the same way and the pain that was attached to it has disappeared.

“I went along to see Lizzie after struggling with being stuck emotionally in a past relationship . I had some healthy skepticism around the whole tapping process and wasn’t really sure that this was going to work for me. I consider myself a bit stubborn when it comes to any form of emotional healing therapy but decided to give it a go, what did i have to lose? Lizzie made it so easy guiding me through the process and would you believe this ‘tapping’ thing actually began to work! I think i learnt more about my emotions and how to let them go in that one hour than i have done in 40 years of life. Lizzie also gave me the tools to take this forward and apply it to myself in other areas.

Since then i have also stopped smoking which i knew was a way of ‘medicating’ myself against emotions that were uncomfortable. I still think about my old relationship from time to time but its just not in the same way and the pain that was attached to it has disappeared.” 

Anon, London.

Lizzie is unreal amazing!!! She not only helped me through an incredibly challenging time, but her warmth and compassion are truly special. She continuously made me feel safe, heard, and comfortable while sharing things that I had never told anyone. I feel like I’m stepping into a new me, coming out the other side, and I don’t know where I’d be if it weren’t for Lizzie’s enormous help, support, and guidance through all of it. She is amazing and wonderful at what she does, and I am forever grateful for her!!! 

Krystle, USA

“Thank YOU Lizzie! I must say that you really impressed me!! The session you did on me was amazing. I have done sessions with many practitioners, many of them world renowned, but few of them have been as thorough as you. My problem has always been that I could always take them around in circles and we’d make little progress. You didn’t let me “do a runner” and you persistantly got me back on track. Give yourself a bow and a tap on the back and accept your F.A. membership! ” (F.A=f**king Amazing)”.

Christine Blanchet. France.

“Lizzie is amazing and wonderful to work with. She has helped me in such deep ways so easily. She makes me feel completely safe to share my stuff. She is so kind and can easily guide me to where I need to go in the process. She gets right to the depth of the issue and she makes sure it is cleared and helps me to then feel the new positive feelings. She is a joy to work with as she has a light and wonderful approach, without judgment and with full understanding of how the human mind works. She is very talented and doing this healing work with her is fast, complete and wonderful. It is an honor to work with her. I highly recommend Lizzie and I know that you will be delighted as well, to work with her too. I am so grateful to her, for helping me.”

Lee, United States.

“Just wanted to say thank you, I felt completely free and have had no compulsion to stuff food down my throat up to now. Thank you again.”


“I had the opportunity to receive some ‘emergency’ care from Lizzie in the middle of a personal crisis. She was very warm, understanding, open, receiving and helped me get over the ‘terror’ state I was in so that I could deal with the rest of the day in a calmer and more centered manner. She even got me to laugh! I’d recommend working with Lizzie for any kind of trauma, memory or past you want to clear out.”

Sylvia. Canada.

”I highly recommend working with Lizzie. I was in a terrible place in my life and the stress was making me ill. I had one session with Lizzie and I cannot tell you the peace I felt afterwards, and not just for an hour but ever since. She is a wonderfully intuitive and open practitioner – What a fabulous lady”

Anne Cochrane. London.

Lizzie Bryher; FasterEFT Advanced Level 4 Practitioner and Havening Practitioner based in London, UK. Lizzie Bryher conducts meridian fastereft tapping sessions and Havening sessions with I.E.M.T (integral Eye Movement Therapy) via London, United Kingdom or anywhere in the world with Skype.

“My panic attacks were getting worse every day. I got to the point where I could not take it anymore. A session, with such a highly skilled practitioner as Lizzie, was probably one of the best things I have ever done for myself. After the very first session with her, my panic attacks have practically disappeared. Thank you so much for everything! Irina, United States

Irina, United States

“Thank you so much for today. It had a profound effect on me and still feeling the after effects… still shifting and feeling lighter and lighter after our session and think you’ve found a “biggie” with me, a deeply rooted belief now unraveling. I just want the world to know you are VERY good at this. If you are thinking about trying out a session, I highly recommend contacting Lizzie.”

Marina Bajszár. U.S.

I graduated from university.

“Lizzie is the kindest woman I have ever met her quirky personality was so refreshing!! 

 I have not met anyone like her she is a beautiful radiant soul!

I stumbled across Faster eft founder Robert smith 

I was in such a desperate situation repeating my 2nd  year at university in a all time low of depression and suicidal thoughts I could not get my self out of sabotaging procrastinating behaviour !!

Living with my bf and his family having a hard time feeling I was intruding my life was in such dark despare I could no longer recognise my self , I had so much fear about life and I wasn’t a nice person to be around high stress levels amongst other things were really affecting me on a day to day basis.

I came to Lizzie because I had severe anxiety I wasn’t able to take public transport as my panic attacks were so severe the fear left me debilitated 

I emailed Lizzie and explained I was a student with no extra income 

She was very kind and offered me a discount .

I was so nervous about going to a strangers home that I payed my brother in law to take me to my appointment and wait for me but Lizzie made me feel relaxed straight away she has a genuine warmness about her and she is extremely welcoming .

Lizzie doesnt just treat you like a session she gets to know the reasons you have developed these issues !

She would often surprise me with the revelations of why and how my brain had created the unhealthy behaviours ,

Every time I came to see her I could tell she did her home work 

It felt like we was in it together rather than me on my own!

Thanks to Lizzie my time at my boyfriends family  home became manageable .

And I finally graduated from university 

If it wasn’t for the support and techniques Lizzie tort me I wouldn’t have been able to achieve my degree and God knows where I would have been right now! I owe Lizzie so much she is a truly inspirational woman and I admire her deeply thank you so much for helping through one of my most darkest times in my life I’m forever greatful to you love Chanel.”

Chanel. London

“Lizzie’s great technique, skills and professionalism combined with an easy manner, warmth and a great sense of humour made a big difference to me in just one session. Small or seemingly insurmountable challenges, give Lizzie a try.I will definitely come back for more.”

Astrid. Norway

“I just wanted to put it out there how incredibly thorough and intuitive lizzie is as an EFT Practitioner, the lady is a natural at this, she uproots things so precisely, love working with her! I predict that she will be one of the best practitioners in the UK. Thank you So much for today’s session xx”

Roomay U.K

“Lizzie is a great healer with a unique, fun style of working which makes even the hard stuff enjoyable! I had been working on my health issues for a while, but had become completely stuck. I just felt overwhelmed and couldn’t face tapping on myself. Lizzie came to the rescue. In our session, she got straight down to the underlying issue which I really didn’t want to face. However, with her great sense of humour and compassion, I was able to go there and it’s a huge relief. I feel like a new person!”

Bev McKeown, UK.

Relationship problems and addiction

“I went along to see Lizzie after struggling with being stuck emotionally in a past relationship .   I had some healthy skepticism around the whole tapping process and wasn’t really sure that this was going to work for me.   I consider myself a bit stubborn when it comes to any form of emotional healing therapy but decided to give it a go, what did i have to lose?   Lizzie made it so easy guiding me through the process and would you believe this ‘tapping’ thing actually began to work!    I think i learnt more about my emotions and how to let them go in that one hour than i have done in 40 years of life.    Lizzie also gave me the tools to take this forward and apply it to myself in other areas.     Since then i have also stopped smoking which i knew was a way of ‘medicating’ myself against emotions that were uncomfortable.  I still think about my old relationship from time to time but its just not in the same way and the pain that was attached to it has disappeared.”

Anonymous. London

I cannot recognise myself anymore.

“When I look at myself today and compare it with the day I met Lizzie for the first time… I cannot recognise myself anymore. I’ve been working with Lizzie for a few months now and it has been a tremendous gift in my life. There are no words to describe how thankful I am for her presence, persistence and love. Lizzie is an amazing woman and a powerful healer. Layer by layer, she has been helping me heal my past, setting me free of the chains of fear, shame, resentment, lack of self-esteem and lack of self-confidence that I had been carrying for such a long time. Most important of all, she has been helping me rediscover myself and accept myself and life with joy, love, peace and lots of laughing (Lizzie, you are so funny! You really make me laugh at my problems!). I am a new person. My life and my world have been forever changed. Thank you, Lizzie, from the bottom of my heart.”

Inês Gonçalves. Portugal

“This week I had an early ‘Birthday Present’ , I cleared so much old pain I had been karting about with me from my childhood. I was blessed with the skills of Lizzie and FasterEFT, together we discovered the pain, focussed, tapped, let it go. A true present to myself, A GIFT! Thank You. xxxxxx.” 

Julia Hopkinson, UK.

Chronic Fatigue and Panic Attacks

“ Liz, I can’t begin to tell you how much you have done for me these past few months. I can’t even put it into words because it’s so monumental. In just a short period of time you have shown me that the way I’ve been thinking, believing and consequently acting has been completely contributing to my chronic fatigue illness and my anxiety and panic disorder. Since working with you I feel my entire inner world as changed and I am no longer the same person I was. (in a good way!)

On a very simple and practical level, in the past, when my anxiety would escalate, it would often get to that freak-out stage and my body would start throwing up / dry heaving. Once I reached this point, that was it. It meant I can’t handle whatever it was I was attempting to do – I was done. It meant: the trip would be cancelled, time to go home, my husband couldn’t leave and I went to bed and didn’t get out etc. But, based on what you taught me, this time around (with my recent long trip to my brother-in -laws wedding), I didn’t fear that !!! I understood what my body was doing and why – and I was ok with it !!! Our trip wasn’t cancelled, I didn’t hide in my bed and it was incredibly liberating. This recent trip for me has been the easiest and calmest I ever experienced. Both my husband and I were shocked just how composed and relaxed I was during our journey.

I know we have more work to do as this is only the beginning of our journey together but I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart. Your loving, kind, and gentle manner and the wisdom, advice, and encouragement you’ve provided during our sessions is helping me find the person I want to be”.

Debs". U.S.A

Releasing fear of having any physical contact with husband

“I left the your house with a sense of lightness and felt less constrained even making simple decisions on the way home.

I have been comfortable with my husband touching me over the last few days and have even initiated contact – all of which is quite astounding… but the thing that has been most remarkable to me is that Saturday and Sunday I woke up facing my husband… I don’t remember the last time I did that… my mind must have been controlling my body even as I slept.

Thank-you once again for the powerful yet gentle introduction’. 

Anonymous. U.K

I’ve spent a lifetime depressed, lost and uncertain. UNTIL NOW!

“For years i have suffered with severe depression and in the last 6 months another bout was triggered by a relationship breakup. Throughout those months i was having talk therapy to try and cope, however i was just getting worse not better, so it was suggested I take antidepressants. That however, was a route i knew i really didn’t want to go down (due to previous experiences on meds), so thought i’d try some sessions with lizzie instead and i can honestly say its been the best decision ever. Life changing. Within a few sessions the depression has properly lifted – an absolute relief but not only that, I’ve made some important decisions about my present and future and see a positive way forward. This is no mean feat, I’ve spent a lifetime depressed, lost and uncertain. UNTIL NOW! Beyond thanks to you Lizzie. intact i can’t thank you enough.

If you’re wondering whether to book a session with Lizzie – I say – Go for it! I can’t recommend her highly enough”. 

Nicolette. London.

No more Fibromyalgia

“After 9 years of chronic pain (“Fibromyalgia“) I found Lizzie’s website after some research on Faster EFT and pain. Lizzie is a very kind and intuitive FasterEFT practitioner with a great sense of humor. Three months ago I had three intensive Skype sessions with her and was really surprised by the insights that came up in such a short time, some of them very new, even after 8 years of psychotherapy. At this moment I am basically pain free!!! I cannot put enough exclamation marks behind that sentence. I would like to add that I did a lot of work myself (both tapping and other mental work) after reading books by Dr. Sarno about TMS (an alternative diagnosis for Fibromyalgia and other chronic pain) that Lizzie had advised me to read in our first session. Without Lizzie and her absolute wonderful way of tapping, her sharp intuition and her faith in my physical and psychological healing, I wouldn’t be pain free today. I am so grateful that our paths crossed. I can recommend her blindly to anyone with psychological and/or psychosomatic issues.” 

Ruth. Utrecht, Netherlands

One session addressing addictions including Porn addiction and cravings:

‘So the session was mostly a success! My addiction to smoking died that day. I have actually smoked a couple of times shortly after the session when I was drunk, but now even if I drink I won’t smoke. I don’t even think about smoking, I just don’t want it. The amount of junk food I’ve eaten has dropped drastically, the urge to go to the drive-thru didn’t disappear completely, but it’s easily resistible, same with ordering take-aways. I have ordered on occasion, but I’m not craving it like I used to. If I do crave, I can tap it away easier. I always had problems tapping on cravings, it seemed that every time I tapped the resistance would be too strong and I’d end up on autopilot mode, but since our session it seems to be much easier.

As for porn and masturbation, I only lasted 4 days before relapsing, but this was my strongest addiction. I didn’t give up though, I’ve done a lot more work on this, and after a few more relapses throughout February, as I write this I’ve been porn and masturbation free for 10 days, which is the longest I’ve been in over 6 months, and I’m still going strong. I’m still getting minor cravings, but nothing like I used to, nothing that will send me into autopilot mode. I now have the ability to articulate my sentences again. When you saw me you probably noticed that I couldn’t talk properly and that I seemed awkward and weird, well that’s what too much masturbation does to a man, it really does sap your energy. Now if you saw me again you’d get a completely different me, I have much more energy and confidence, just from not playing with myself all the time. I’m not fully recovered yet, but I’m on the road there, all I need now is more time. Going from my past experience with this, it will take about another month of no porn or masturbation before I can ejaculate during sex again, and it will be around this time too that I have no more cravings. I just can’t make the mistake of thinking that I’m out of the woods and able to try moderate use again. I won’t this time, I’ve learned from that mistake.

Another benefit I’ve noticed is that I’m not spending all my money. I saved £600 in Feb alone, this has never happened in my life. I usually spend all of my money each month and end up overdrawn, well now both my overdraft and credit card are paid off and I still have money left over, I already know how much I will have saved in March too. I can wave goodbye to my money troubles, not that they’ve ever been serious, but now I can actually have a surplus of cash in the future, something I’ve not had in about 9 years of working full time. My future self is extremely grateful for you.

Thanks again Lizzie, you truly are a diamond, I will never forget what you did for me.’ 

Anonymous, U.K



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