I experienced a piercing ache in my right lower back 2 years ago. It just came on one day and was there everyday after. It varied in intensity. I went to a doctor and was sent off for X- rays and an MRI scan (I had to tap to get in that!). The doctor noticed some general wear and tear in my lower back and sent me off to a Phsyio therapist in the hope that the exercises would help. I was given a set of exercises to do every day and also a list of what I could and could not do. I was ordered not to sit on the bed as much as I was. To sit on a chair with a cushion propping my back forward so that I sat up straight. To make sure I bent my legs and keep my back straight when I pick up objects. Not to lift up heavy objects…..

Well I kept this up for a couple of months and nothing happened. One day I saw a video by Dr. Eric Robbins about the back specialist John Sarnoe. John Sarnoe believes that most pain is created as a way to avoid an emotion, or to protect you from feeling that emotion. He teaches you to reject all that you are taught about being careful and sitting in certain positions and instead to concentrate on what emotion you are avoiding. I stopped the exercises, sat how I liked on chairs and went back to sitting on the bed. I also tapped on myself a lot! One day after working on myself I realised the pain had gone. I was not even working on the pain but I was addressing a memory that must have related to it. I was amazed. No more pain….

About 4 months later a lot of emotional stuff was happening in my life and suddenly I woke up with huge pain, it felt like severe arthritis. I could hardly bend. My hips hurt so much and I had pain in both legs. Luckily, thanks to John Sarnoe and Faster EFT, I knew that it was emotional and trusted that it would clear once I had addressed what needed to be looked at. I wrote down all the things that had happened to me that week and all the emotions…and then tapped on what was bothering me. The next day the pain had changed and was not as painful. I kept tapping and by the end of the week the pain completely went away. It blew me away to witness the change, and to see how it really is emotional no matter how real and painful it feels. I have now been pain free for 8 months.




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