Using FasterEFT to stop Panic Attacks

Tapping for Panic

Here I am explaining, with the Flu, how to use Faster EFT to release panic attacks, agoraphobia, claustrophobia and anxiety.

This is particularly effective if you have a couple or one memory that stands out that may have created panic/agoraphobia, claustrophobia etc.
Get yourself a notebook and write down:

What is the worst about the panic, what is it you really don’t like about it?
Does that experience remind you of anything else before you had panic? (i.e feel trapped, memory of being trapped in cupboard when young).
Write down all the memories of panic that you have had unless you have had so many you can’t even count them. In this case write down the ones that stand out to you.
Write down anything that you believe has affected you in life in a negative way, esp memories from when you were young.
Write down what you fear could happen in the future; i.e it will get worse, i will never leave the house.
Imagine you no longer have the panic attacks. Close your eyes and notice life with out them. Is there anything bad that could happen if you no longer have them? If so put that on the list.

Next you can tap on each memory and experience. When you grab your wrists and say ‘peace’ let yourself feel something good. You can step into a memory that made you feel good, imagine being with a dear friend, or you can make up the prefect scene for yourself; for instance being at the beach, perfect weather. If you can not do any of that, see if you can just get present; notice what supports you and how that feels, notice any sounds around you, notice different temperatures in your hands, notice your breath and the movement that creates. You could even imagine being someone else that is happy and imagine what that would feel like.

Then repeat the procedure again; step into the memory feeling what you felt, seeing what you saw, hearing what you heard.tap on all the points, grab your wrists and say ‘peace’. Again really allow yourself to feel that. Go back to the memory. Notice how it has changed and notice what is left that bothers you then tap. You don’t have to hold the memory in your mind. As soon as you tap you can then just notice your fingers tapping on your skin.

Keep going with this until the memory changes to positive. It should naturally do this as you keep tapping.

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Tapping for Panic



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