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Certified Advanced level 4 FasterEFT Practitioner and EFT and Havening Practitioner

What Your Session Entails

Your Faster EFT tapping, Havening session with Lizzie will not only consist of your healing but may also involve coaching and consultation on how to use FasterEFT and Havening plus other powerful tools effectively for yourself. The beauty of techniques like Faster EFT and Havening is that you do not have to be reliant on a practitioner to help you. Once you learn these tools you can be self sufficient and use them for yourself when ever you need them.

Many people when working on a problem will try and treat the problem itself. For instance use methods to try and bring down or cope with panic attacks, tap on the pain in the body, use methods to address the symptoms. Some do get results, but many are left with the same issue and the reason often is, is that the problem they are working on is a symptom of something else. Lizzie works with you to help you uncover what that ‘something else’ is. She then treats the original cause, emotional learnings that created the problem in the first place. By eliminating the original cause for the behaviour, symptoms are no longer created. Instead the roots of the problem are removed and symptoms cease.

Lizzie Bryher is a certified Advanced Level 4 FasterEFT practitioner and certified Havening practitioner and I.E.M.T (integral Eye Movement Therapy) practitioner. She has a Diploma in Sound therapy and has been a therapist for over 10 years. Lizzie combines the above modalities to help dissolve a variety of issues such as panic attacks, anxiety, phobias, depression, chronic fatigue, low self esteem, physical pain (such as fibromyalgia). grief, trauma, addiction and more. Lizzie is the author and creator of ‘Tapping for Panic’; a free web source in which she shares information, guidance and help on how to clear and cope with panic attacks and anxiety.

Lizzie has a bachelor of Science Honours in Anthropology. For her dissertation she carried out extensive fieldwork studies in the area of Addiction and A.A groups in which she received a first. She has spent a large part of her life dedicated to bringing positive changes to others and her self. You can see for yourself here/testimonials.

She has used her skills with great success in a variety of issues including panic disorder, anxiety, phobias, physical pain (fibromyalgia), grief, trauma, relationship problems and low self esteem.

Lizzie Bryher; Faster EFT level IV practitioner, gives consultations in South London, Greenwich, zone 2 or over Skype across the world.

Session Prices and To Book Your Session With Lizzie

£96 for a 2 hour Mega Blast Session with Lizzie.
You’ll get a thorough spring clean. This will involve about 30 minutes of in-depth questions revealing the coherence and identifying the core of your problem/issue. The rest of the session will be focussed on targeting the core knowing and clearing up and collapsing anything that supports this.

£86 for a 90 minute Top Up sessions Sessions. If you’ve already had a session and would like another top up with me.

£380 for 5 package special sessions. This includes 1st session of 2 hours, and four sessions at 90 mins. This is for you if you know you have chronic issues, ‘stubborn’ beliefs or patterns and would like more in-depth work.

Discounts are available for people on a budget. Please email me to find out more; [email protected]
All I ask for is your commitment as I give 100% commitment to you.

Pay for your session with Lizzie

Lizzie gives FasterEFT (meridian tapping) and Havening sessions in central London, SE10 and since the worldwide net is so effective many of her sessions are given via Skype or other similar Applications. This means you get to have the session via the comfort of your own home.
Many of Lizzie’s clients are based over seas and have found the sessions extremely beneficial despite not having the physical contact.
Lizzie works with people from all over the world that include so far: India, U.S.A, Germany, Sweden, Australia, Spain, Hong Kong, Norway, Canada, Mexico, Italy, France and Portugal, 

Lizzie Bryher is also a certified Havening practitioner.  Havening is a psychosensory intervention that is used to treat a variety of issues including anxiety, panic disorder, depression, grief and low self esteem. Havening treats these symptoms by working on any pervious events that have a traumatic encoding. The input of a particular touch, like Faster eft, helps alleviate and transform the symptoms. The touch, gentle touch on forearms, palms and forehead creates a change in brainwave and electro chemical signals which promotes profound changes and a collapse of the original problem.

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Lizzie, I thank you so much for what you did for me that day. I have not had a single day of depression since my session with you last month and I now feel confident that my future will be so much better than my past . You are a brilliant, amazing FasterEFT practitioner and I wish you every success. You deserve it! Best wishes Sandra. London

Since then i have also stopped smoking which i knew was a way of ‘medicating’ myself against emotions that were uncomfortable. I still think about my old relationship from time to time but its just not in the same way and the pain that was attached to it has disappeared. Anon, London

I just wanted to put it out there how incredibly thorough and intuitive lizzie is as an EFT Practitioner, the lady is a natural at this, she uproots things so precisely, love working with her! I predict that she will be one of the best practitioners in the UK Roomay, U.K

Lizzie Bryher is an Advanced Level 4 FasterEFT Practitioner. This means she is fully certified by Robert G Smith; the creator of FasterEFT. Their are currently about 25 Advanced practitioners in the world. Lizzie was the second person to receive this certificate. Level IV Advanced means that Robert Smith has personally over seen Lizzie’s work and recognises that she is using FasterEFT in the most effective and correct manor and has given her work the stamp of approval. FasterEFT is a combination of EFT, NLP and Hypnosis. Creating powerful changes and transformations.
Lizzie Bryher: Advanced Level 4 FasterEFT Practitioner and Certified Havening Practitioner



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