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Below is a list of recommended books to read:

‘The Anti-Anxiety Toolkit; Rapid Techniques to Rewire the Brain’ by Melissa Tiers. A nice small light book that you can take out with you with brilliant techniques to reduce anxiety.

The Divided Mind: The Epidemic of Mindbody Disorders’ by John Sarnoe. For anyone who is working on releasing pain, Chronic Fatigue or disorders such as IBS this book is a must. Use it with Faster EFT and you will see results.

‘The Power of Focusing: Finding Your Inner Voice’ by Ann Weiser Cornell. Eventually we may realise that what we really are resisting is a feeling. Feelings can seem so overwhelming that we want to run from them. Focusing teaches you powerful techniques to enable one to feel those feelings and thus let them go. I incorporate the tapping with focussing. I found that focusing used with Faster EFT can be very effective for releasing panic.

The Happiness Trap: This book is great for those who over think their issues, for those who are constantly searching to find the cure for themselves. For those who believe they are the problem, that the problem is who they are. If you are getting more and more anxious and struggling all the time get this book! You can apply the methods with Faster EFT easily.

Natural Rest for Addiction: For those who want to take it deeper. This is a powerful and profound book. It teaches how to find peace and rest and to really look at anything that is causing stress and to really see and feel if it is actually there. Scott talks how things that bother us are velcroed. For instance when something really bothers us it is because their are thoughts, images and feelings all velcroed together. He shows with inquiry how to detangle that and thus letting go and realising that the problem we thought was there is not. I find this is taking it a step further from The Work by Byron Katie. This is particularly powerful for those who are more aware of their feelings and not so consumed in the thinking mind.

‘Loving What Is: Four Questions that Can Change Your Life’ by Byron Katie. Are you constantly controlled by your thoughts and getting anxious about what you belive? Then this book is for you. The technique is super simple and you can tap along with what ever comes up. You can also download free tools and find out how to do this on her site/byronkatie.


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