How to tap and aim with FasterEFT

Faster EFT Tapping Points and Tapping Script

Faster EFT Tapping Points:

Faster EFT tapping point: Between the eyes = Bladder Meridian
Faster EFT tapping point: Beside the eyes = Gallbladder Meridian
Faster EFT tapping point: Under the eyes – Stomach Meridian
Faster EFT tapping point: Collar bone – Kidney Meridian
Faster EFT tapping point: Wrist – Large Intestine, Lungs, Circulation, Heart, Triple Warmer Meridian


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Faster EFT Script

Well actually there isn’t one!

FasterEFT does not need scripts and does not use them. All you need to do is notice how you know you have a problem.

Do you have a feeling, are there images /memories showing up in your mind, do you hear or see words?
Just notice how you know you have the problem. Don’t analyse it and ask why,don’t get stuck in a story, just notice you know you have one and notice the proof.

2: NOW TAP on the points shown on the picture on the left. Notice your fingers touching your skin.
Say: ‘Just let it go’, ‘it’s ok as I let this go’, ‘it is safe to feel this’.

3: Then GRAB YOUR WRISTS AND SAY ‘PEACE’. Step into a positive memory, or anything that makes you feel good. Allow yourself to really go there and feel it and see it. If you can’t do that just notice your breathing, chair supporting you, notice all the quieter parts of your body.

Then check again. Is that problem still there? If so repeat the above procedure until it is all gone.

Aim at the problem again; go within, ask yourself what has changed? Notice if there is anything left that bothers you. If so tap again.

You may have started with a feeling and then after a few rounds of tapping the feeling has become neutral. This does not mean it is all cleared up. For instance you may see negative expressions, you might see a negative action, or hear words/sounds you don’t like. Tap until the expressions, sounds/actions etc have changed to positive.

If you are finding it difficult to break the trance you are in, then get up, move around, listen to some music you love, go and take a walk, watch a comedy. And then go back and re-address what you were working on.

Most importantly, with Faster EFT, don’t stop until it is gone. Avoid quitting three minutes before the miracle occurs. Tap through all resistance. ♥~˚ ✰* ★


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tapping for peace

What do you like in life, what makes you happy? Can you remember a great time in your life, a good memory? When you grab your wrists after tapping and say Peace it is important to try and feel that peaceful feeling too. We can use good memories, the feeling of someone loving you, dancing, the smell of a flower, blue sky, warm breeze, anything that makes you feel good. Or you may just want to think of your favourite food or drink. Just anchor that.

Lizzie has used her skills, with great success, in a variety of issues including panic disorder, anxieties, phobias, physical pain. grief, trauma and  low self esteem. You can see for yourself here/testimonials
She gives Faster EFT sessions from her base in London or on Skype. Which means you can have sessions from the comfort of you own home.
You don’t even have to talk about the problem to get changes. You can get relief and change without once speaking about the actual problem.

You may also want to start a Happy Journal to help you access and reinforce feeling good. Go to Happy Journal for more.

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Lizzie Bryher; Advanced Level 4 FasterEFT Practitioner. London/UK.

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