What is Faster EFT tapping and how it can Help

All problems and symptoms we create have a structure. For instance some people will see something outside themselves and feel anxious, others may tell themselves something, make an image in their head and then feel scared. Someone else may witness a traumatic event and then later on (unconciously) associate a sound from that incident to a another similar sound and then experience panic and tension when they hear it. Recent research. utilizing brain scan studies have shown for the first time how chronic pain emerges as a result of an emotional response to an injury. So even physical pain has a structure and is created unconsciously by the individual. Faster EFT creates such dramatic change because it can see how the individual creates this structure in the first place. Once the structure is uncovered the individual can release and let go of the symptoms or problem and can move forward in their lives. Here is a list of some of the ailments that FasterEFT has already helped. 

As a result of the clearing and shifts that takes place through Faster EFT tapping we find our life naturally changes. We may find that we are less fearful, can do things we never thought were possible, have better relationships, like ourselves more, no longer fear heights, can get in elevators, become more creative and let go of addictive behaviours, eat healthily… The list goes on.

Many people don’t have a memory to support their issue, but they do have a feeling. That is enough for a Faster EFT practitioner to work with and works just as effectively. Some people have big psychological traumas and are afraid to revisit that memory. When this happens we can work around the edges dissolving all the fear of going there so we can eventually clear up all the pain of what happened until that memory has no power over you. You will find that you can talk about it with no negative emotions attached. That memory/experience no longer has a hold on you and the trauma is released.

How to Aim and Tap with FasterEFT

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