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My name is Lizzie Bryher. I use a combination of tools to help transform and release problematical issues such as depression, physical pain, chronic fatigue, fibroymalgia, panic attacks, low self esteem, multi chemical sensitivity, depression, O.C.D, relationship difficulties, food related problems and many other issues. My intention is to assist you in helping to integrate and release potentially difficult feelings such as grief, anger, shame, loss or hurt. And in doing this creating a natural equilibrium for body and mind, reducing other symptoms such as anxiety, stress, physical pain and creating well being and space for joy.

I use a combination of FasterEFT, Havening and EFT. Faster EFT was created by Robert G Smith. It is a form of acupressure tapping technique, which used on certain acupressure points, helps promote peace and tranquility in both body and mind by regulating the body’s nervous system. I am a fully certified Advanced Level 4 Fastereft Practitioner and certified Havening and EFT practitioner. The Havening technique was developed by Dr Ronald Ruden who had spent 8 years researching the benefits of EFT and in so doing created Havening. It is particularly effective in the area of trauma and anxiety, particularly P.T.S.D. And like Fastereft it can be used for a number of issues. Both FasterEFT and Havening have an incredible way of clearing and releasing painful memories.

I work in collaboration with you to see how your particular symptom may actually serve you. Of course this may seem strange at first, as the first thing we think when having a symptom, is that we want rid of it and that it is something we don’t want. But quite often, underneath all that, there is usually a good reason to keep it. Which is why, for some people working on the initial problem provides no relief, as the emotional unconscious knowings were never targeted or brought to light in order for the symptom to go. I, together with the you, help unearth what that belief is and bring it to light. With a combination of psychosensory tools; FasterEFT and Havening the belief is then released.

I have a Bachelor of Science Honours in Anthropology. For my dissertation I carried out extensive fieldwork studies in the area of Addiction and AA groups in which I received a 1st. I have been a therapist since 2000 and have spent a large part of my life dedicated to bringing positive changes to others and myself.

FasterEFT and Havening can help with

FasterEFT and Havening can help with: addictions, panic attacks, relieving grief, body issues such as body dysmorphia, weight problems, P.T.S.D, chronic fatigue (M.E), O.C.D, fibromyalgia, chronic pain, relationship problems, anxiety, panic attacks, claustrophobia, agoraphobia, trichotillomania, multiple chemical sensitivity, stress, dermatillomania, insominia, low self esteem, procrastination and more. FasterEFT and Havening can help improve: public speaking, sport results, self esteem, health, happiness book a session with Lizzie

How does FasterEFT tapping work?

FasterEFT works by touching meridian points that connect to the subtle energy system in the body (chi, prana). The physical tapping at specific points on the body connect with various organs in the body. As the meridian points are tapped the signal is sent through the subtle energy system and the organs for the body and mind to relax. The tapping causes a balance and state of relaxation. And so, every time the person taps like this, it as if we are reminding and commanding the body that all is ok, that we are safe and there is no longer a problem.

The act of tapping on the points can dramatically alter memories or at least the emotional content that came with them. And as memories act as reference points to why we do what we do, or don’t do what we want to do, then by changing those references we are able to now live in the present and access what we want.

Most problems are usually manifested when we are in a highly stressful situation. Usually a situation where we feel we have no control or that there is nothing we can do. Both FasterEFT and Havening hands back the power – now there is something we can do. It gives us agency where before we had none.

Even the act of moving our hands, arms, touching the points on our body and taking a deep breath in and out is helping to create an opposite experience to the one we may have had in the past where we felt stuck and our bodies may have froze with our breath held in. An opposite experience in itself along with agency (empowerment) can often be enough to collapse the problem altogether (see memory reconsolidation La Doux). The pattern of feeling trapped, stuck, helpless can be transformed by the tapping alone. By tapping we are creating agency and helping the body and mind to relax again back to homeostasis.

Faster EFT, utilizing the power of N.L.P,  uses Pattern Interrupt. The idea being to use the tapping and the peace anchor to interrupt a pattern/problem. Accessing the problem and then tapping and switching the focus to the touch and how that feels. Holding the wrist (on the meridian points) and saying the word that makes you feel good like ‘peace’ and then taking a deep breath in and more importantly a deep breath out.

The breath plays a role in interrupting and creating opposition as the default to a stressful situation which is to hold or have very shallow breath. What the out breath also does is connect to the Vegas nerve which turns on the parasympathetic nervous system. This system causes the body to down regulate, calm down, decrease heart rate, and relax body and mind back to a more harmonious state.

Back to the peace anchor! So, when the wrist is held and the deep breath is taken the person also imagines something they like, that makes them feel good/calm/happy etc. Like witnessing their child being born, enjoying the tranquility of the ocean, enjoying great conversation with a friend. And this all plays a role in interrupting, breaking down the original problem. It’s like scratching a record. If you keep scratching it it no longer plays the same. You can no longer access the original song. This can be particularly effective for repetitive behaviour like anxiety or addiction.

FasterEFT tapping also plays a role in creating oppositional knowings/experiences. The tapping can often access contradictory knowings. And as the mind can not hold two contradictory (emotional) knowings together, one has to give. The one that goes, thankfully, is the one that is a problem. See ‘Unlocking the Emotional Brain’ by Bruce Ecker for more on that.

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Havening plays a similar role to FasterEFT. It also involves touch and pattern interrupt. The kind of touch creates a delta brainwave pattern in the brain. The combination has a way of de- phosphorylating AMPA receptors in the Amygdala thus releasing the emotional content from the original memory.  The touch also creates Serotonin a neurotransmittor that helps maintain and enhance mood balance. It also creates GABA, which many researchers believes help control anxiety and fear. The Havening touch also activates the parasympathetic nervous system (rest and digest) which explains why almost all people that have experienced Havening report after only a few minutes of feeling relaxed, calm and peaceful.
Havening is the fast track to the unconscious. There is something about the Havening touch which creates a short cut to the unconscious. As the touch is applied people often find that they are able to get in touch with something they were not aware of before and/or find that they can move through emotions more rapidly then before. Some find that the Havening helps them access emotions that they were not able to before.
Havening utilizes Pattern Interrupt by having the person count backwards, hum a song, imagine walking etc as they are Havening. This approach also helps to prevent the person from going too deeply into a traumatic memory.


Advanced FasterEFT and Havening Practitioner Book A Session With Lizzie
Lizzie Bryher is a Advanced Faster EFT tapping practitioner. This means she is fully certified by the founder of FasterEFT Robert G Smith. She is also a certified Havening and EFT practitioner and gives FasterEFT and Havening sessions from her London base or anywhere in the world via Skype.


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